Thursday, 3 November 2011

about me

I love RED, and you know what the red is ??

Red is the colour of blood and valentines and tends to connote passion and anthusiasm, which sounds a lot like the reds. Reds are happiest when they are influencing or entertaining other people like blues, they are comfortable taking risk and enjoy trying new things.... they get bored if they have to do same do thing all the time. They are the charming, playful, spontaneous, talkactive types who energised by being the centre of attention. They are motivated by recognition...they want to be liked!  Other style see them  as unfocused. Procrastinators who make do the rule as they go along, be appreciate their talents as great promoters who can sell anything

Ms. Winny says that above the all is not only about my personality but also my behavior LOL >.< you’re the best teacher

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